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Baltimore City eyeing EPSL for 2024, seeking investors, sponsors.

True Grassoots Soccer in Charm City - July 12, 2023

Following their successful inaugural season in the Maryland Major Soccer League, Baltimore City F.C. is now actively seeking new investors and sponsors for the 2024 season once current sponsorship agreements expire. The team’s impressive performance and championship win have generated significant interest and buzz, including rumors of a potential invitation to the regional Eastern Premier Soccer League, which is considered the fourth division of soccer nationally.
Baltimore City F.C.’s accomplishments in their debut season have showcased their potential and raised their profile within the soccer community. With the possibility of a move to a higher division, the team aims to attract new investors and sponsors who share their vision and are eager to be part of their continued growth and success.
By securing new investors, Baltimore City F.C. will be able to enhance their resources and infrastructure, including player development, coaching staff, and facilities. The team’s focus is on building a sustainable and competitive program that can thrive at a higher level of competition.
In addition to investors, Baltimore City F.C. is actively seeking sponsors who can provide financial support and contribute to the team’s marketing and promotional efforts. Sponsors will have the opportunity to align their brand with a rising soccer team, gain exposure through various advertising channels, and engage with a passionate fanbase.
With their sights set on potential expansion to the Eastern Premier Soccer League, Baltimore City F.C. is determined to strengthen their foundation and position themselves for future success. They are actively reaching out to potential investors and sponsors, presenting the unique opportunity to be part of a promising soccer project on the rise.
As the team prepares for the 2024 season and explores new avenues for growth, Baltimore City F.C. remains committed to their core values of excellence, community engagement, and fostering a positive soccer culture. The team is also wholly focused on the Summer & Spring 2023 season in the Maryland Major Soccer League.



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