Baltimore City FC

Our goal is to offer a platform for talented soccer players in Baltimore.

Who We Are

Baltimore City Football Club

Showcasing the best of Baltimore's soccer history and pedigree future.

Baltimore City Football Club is a newly-formed organization with the goal of providing a platform for talented soccer players in the Baltimore area to showcase their skills, while also entertaining local sports fans, cultivating a comprehensive image and fan culture emblematic of and for the city of Baltimore. Our team is made up of dedicated players, passionate coaches, and experienced staff who are committed to creating a culture of excellence on and off the field.

Our team’s mission is to be a source of inspiration for the community, to bring people together through soccer, promote the development of young players and develop a recognizable and iconic Baltimore specific soccer brand. Our focus is on creating a sustainable organization that is financially viable, well-supported by the community, and dedicated to the development of our players.

We strive to create an environment where players can grow, develop and showcase their skills, while fostering a culture of teamwork, professionalism, and community involvement. We aspire to become a recognized brand in the soccer world and to make a positive impact on the development of soccer in our region.

Key Objectives:

  • Develop talented players by providing a comprehensive and professional development framework, underpinned by a science backed methodology & pedagogy.
  • Foster a culture of sportsmanship and fair play by promoting positive attitudes towards teammates, opponents, referees, and fans.
  • Provide entertaining soccer games that showcase the skills and talents of our players while engaging our fans and building a strong fan base.
  • Engage with our community through various outreach programs such as soccer clinics, charity events, and youth soccer programs.
  • Achieve financial sustainability through the development of strategic partnerships, sponsorships, and fan engagement programs.
  • Become the emblematic flagship for soccer in Baltimore in a sporting and cultural sense, bringing together all parties involved in the local soccer scene behind the Club to create a recognizable brand instantly popular and widespread in terms of popularity and respect.

With these key objectives, our semi-professional soccer team will work towards achieving our mission and vision statements and ultimately, become a recognized and respected soccer brand in our community and beyond.

Baltimore City F.C | Mens First Team

Eastern Premier Soccer League

Part of the NISA Nation Federation

Non-Profit – Unlike other national leagues, the EPSL is a non-profit 501(c) organization. The EPSL is not set up as a business to make money, rather to serve its Clubs and players.

Strong Inclusive Governance – The EPSL will be governed by by-laws and an Executive Board composed of elected officers, representatives from member feeder leagues, representation from USASA Region 1, and representation from member clubs.

Groundbreaking Inter-League Promotion/Relegation – The EPSL fully supports promotion and relegation and puts this into practice with the first ever inter league promotion/relegation in the United States by partnering with two historic elite local soccer leagues that have produced numerous USASA National Champions, US Open Cups, and dramatic US Open Cup runs. All clubs should have an opportunity to advance and play at the highest level based on sporting merit.

Baltimore City F.C | Mens Reserves

Maryland Major Soccer League

8-12 week Spring season (April – June)
5-6 weeks Summer season (July-August)
8-12 week Fall season (August-November)

  • post-season opportunity for club & collegiate players.

Weekly training.

~10 scheduled games.


All games recorded.

  • Veo camera.

USSF Licensed coaching.

Bilingual Professional development consultation & college consultation provided to players throughout the program.


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